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Vienna Lovestory

A Vienna Lovestory

The past one and a half weeks have gone by in a whirlwind of travel-craze, people-visiting and fun – and blogging time was scarce. So here goes  – catch-up!

After spending a fine week of family bliss in Germany, I headed back to Vienna for some extra friends-time. I Have an absolute love-affair with the city of Vienna! If I would have to choose my number one city to live in, I would choose Vienna for sure! This is the first city I have lived in that made me feel like home, and I associate a lot of fun times and self-development with this city. I though I would share some love-affair impressions, kind of like a photo-lovestory of Vienna!


The old majestic University of Vienna – where I had the pleasure to study.

Vienna's Opera

The Opera – Oh how I love to get cheap standing tickets on the night of the performance and breath in culture!

Stepahns Dome and Haas House

The Stephan’s Cathedral and the super modern Haas Haus are an unlikely match in heaven. I love how the Dome reflects in the monochrome windows of the Haas Haus.

Tabak Trafik Wien

Vienna public transportation is the best! Really!

During my study days, I must have spent days riding the Nr. 5 tram.


Shopping the Mariahilfer Strasse and enjoying Austrian Cuisine! I would always recommend the Steman or 10er Marie for a traditional food fix!

Stadt Park Wien

During my visit in Vienna, I was lucky to witness the budding of spring and enjoyed days warm enough to sit outside in the lawn at the Stadt Park.

Sacher Torte and Melange - the perfect Viennese Duo

Never a visit without Sacher Torte and Melange at my favorite Cafe Restaurant Palmenhaus.

Cafe Restaurant Palmenhaus

Donaukanal Wien

Strolling along the Donaukanal – yeesss, Vienna is the Father of Fun!


Finishing off my days with romantic walks with friends in the Prater was always a good idea. Vienna I have with no doubt a crush on you! Oh how I will miss you!

Have a great week-end loved ones! And don’t forget: Life is a journey!




Whirlwind or when I realized it was d-3

goodbyeWien1Last week has been a whirlwind of packing, getting administrational stuff done, finding insurance, meeting friends and bitter sweet goodbyes! Not only is it goodbye to all the lovely people that I have met along my path the last 10 years here in Vienna, but it is also “goodbye Vienna”!

As I mentioned last week in a post, I have made it a point to take advantage of this gorgeous city as much as I can! I have had fun city walks in the sun with my Australian cousin Alex visiting from Nice, where she is studying International Business (yes she is…very smart!), went shopping at local markets,  met up for drinks at some of my favorite spots such as the beach-bar Strandbar Herrmann or the Aumann Cafe Restaurant with friends, and basically hauled my camera all over the city just like a paparazza!


WienGoodbye3I have said goodbye to work collegues sharing our last coffee together in the office and cooking together at one of my co-workers house. I have enjoyed the visit ofone of the sweetest girls I have knows since she is four, Kim, my former baby-sitter-kid turned woman. I have shared sad goodbye-coffees at train stations, sending off one of my best friends Laura to Salzburg. I have enjoyed the first barbeque of the season on the roof tops of Vienna at my friends Marie, after celebrating the 30th birthday of three of my oldest friends that have accompanied me since childhood, all the way through school in Munich and studies in Vienna. Thanks for your friendship Manuela, Caroline and Marie – you will be truely missed!WienGoodbye4

And to top it all off I have had the most amazing and fun send-off party I could have imagined!!! Thanks to all of my amazing friends for making it one of the most spezial nights of my life! Since THE party was l.e.g.e.n.d.a.r.y. it will have its own post. So wait for it!

Have a great week adventurers! And don’t forget…life is a journey! Enjoy!