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Love, Ulm

Love, Ulm

I had the opportunity of visiting my aunt in Ulm and spend a day there. What a beautiful little city! I had no expectation what so ever, and was thrilled to discover this jewel! It has the feel of a German Venice – romantic, picturesque and was already in the mids of spring!



Ulm is a very old city and was first mentioned in manuscripts around 854! I unfortunately did not have enough time to see all it has to offer, but really fell in love with the “Fischer Viertel” (the old fish quarter) I was shown. Make sure to take a walk on the 600 year old city wall, surrounding the old town and offering great views of the river! And if you do visit the fish quarter, make sure to stop by “Zur Forelle” to have a glass of white wine and freshly caught trout.

Zur Forelle

Zur Forelle




Ulm Sonnenuntergang

I had a lovely time in Ulm, and it was such a pleasure seeing my aunt Gloria again after 2 years! Feeling thankful.

Lately it has been hard to find inspiration and I have been feeling disorientated. I guess I am still fighting jet-lag and travel-hangover. What do you do to keep your energy flowing?

Have a great start to your week loved ones!

 And don’t forget, life is a journey!


Vienna Lovestory

A Vienna Lovestory

The past one and a half weeks have gone by in a whirlwind of travel-craze, people-visiting and fun – and blogging time was scarce. So here goes  – catch-up!

After spending a fine week of family bliss in Germany, I headed back to Vienna for some extra friends-time. I Have an absolute love-affair with the city of Vienna! If I would have to choose my number one city to live in, I would choose Vienna for sure! This is the first city I have lived in that made me feel like home, and I associate a lot of fun times and self-development with this city. I though I would share some love-affair impressions, kind of like a photo-lovestory of Vienna!


The old majestic University of Vienna – where I had the pleasure to study.

Vienna's Opera

The Opera – Oh how I love to get cheap standing tickets on the night of the performance and breath in culture!

Stepahns Dome and Haas House

The Stephan’s Cathedral and the super modern Haas Haus are an unlikely match in heaven. I love how the Dome reflects in the monochrome windows of the Haas Haus.

Tabak Trafik Wien

Vienna public transportation is the best! Really!

During my study days, I must have spent days riding the Nr. 5 tram.


Shopping the Mariahilfer Strasse and enjoying Austrian Cuisine! I would always recommend the Steman or 10er Marie for a traditional food fix!

Stadt Park Wien

During my visit in Vienna, I was lucky to witness the budding of spring and enjoyed days warm enough to sit outside in the lawn at the Stadt Park.

Sacher Torte and Melange - the perfect Viennese Duo

Never a visit without Sacher Torte and Melange at my favorite Cafe Restaurant Palmenhaus.

Cafe Restaurant Palmenhaus

Donaukanal Wien

Strolling along the Donaukanal – yeesss, Vienna is the Father of Fun!


Finishing off my days with romantic walks with friends in the Prater was always a good idea. Vienna I have with no doubt a crush on you! Oh how I will miss you!

Have a great week-end loved ones! And don’t forget: Life is a journey!




Romantic getaway: Cape Cod

cape cod 1Two weeks ago was our 2nd wedding anniversary. It’s unbelievable to me that I have been married to my best friend and the coolest man around for over two years now! No other can make me laugh like you do, keep my feet warm at night and is a better partner in crime when it comes to basically any nonsense!

We decided that such a day shall be celebrated in style and chose to stay in a lovely bed and breakfast in Yarmouth Port on Cape Cod for a romantic getaway. (more…)

Dancing with butterflies: Maryland


I sure have quite some catching up to do on my little space, on this side of the internet. Mike and I have been traveling so much and have been out of reach of the internet for over a week, that it has been hard to keep up with my posts! So please excuse the small delay.

Since Washington Mike and I have headed further North to meet up with a friend of Mikes and his family in Maryland and had a lovely day of down time in the nearby Rocks State Park, were we went on a slow paced and easy hike and relaxed at a waterfall, before heading to the river were I danced with butterflies!! (more…)

From Nashville to Asheville – from Honky Tonks to vegan hippy Shaks


I have been out in the wild for a few days and out of reach of internet connection – so there is a lot to catch up on! We are having a great time on our trip so far! So many adventures and new impressions!

Our second stop on our trip after Nashville was Asheville in North Carolina. I had heard and red a lot of good about this cute little town packed away in the mountains – that I absolutely wanted to stop on our way past! (more…)