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Spring awakening


It is finally officially spring and we even went through our last (fingers crossed) freeze! If all goes well, I will be able to plant my veggie-garden this Easter Sunday! Getting excited!


Mike has managed to repair the lawn-mower and our chickens are enjoying their free range of garden. They were however pretty angry with me when I didn’t notice it had started to rain and they were huddled together in the poring rain – bad chicken momma!


Kentucky Springs are gorgeous! And the abundance of flowering trees this time of year is lovely! Our peach trees, apple trees and Easter bushes are in full bloom and ringing in Easter in the most amazing spring colors!










Aren’t you happy it’s Friday?!Happy Good-Friday everyone!

Enjoy your Easter weekend loved-ones,  and don’t forget…Life is a journey!










Spring has finally arrived in Vienna and it looks as if it was here to stay! Yeaayyy!!

This week has been a real worldwind – packing, administration, figuring out insurance policies, meeting friends and trying to squeeze in a couple hours of fun. When all you have left is a week before departure, it can sometimes be hard to focus on enjoying. However, since these are after all my very last days in this gorgeous city I have made it a point to do so. So I am particularly happy about the great weather that has made it so much easier to take advantage of my last days here. Thank you Spring-a-ring-ding!



Spring3Spring is at its best in Viennas parks these days. So I head to the Prater, Viennas biggest park which is also home to Viennas amusement park for a lovely walk.

Spring4Spring5Oh Vienna! I truely love you in Spring! The warmth on my skin, the sunbeams through the trees, lovely long strolls…thanks for giving me such a great send-off! I will truely miss you!

Have you guys been enjoying the warm weather as well? What have you been up to?

Life is a journey…enjoy it!

Things just don’t always go as planed

spring at the praterI apologize for the lack of posts this week. However, I am miserably sick with tonsillitis and basically just feel like sleeping most of the day. I am taking antibiotics but it seams that they havn’t set in yet. Of course this kind of stuff happens when you are short on time and have your days packed full with appointments. Murphys law I guess.

At least it seams as though spring has finally arrived in Vienna and is here to stay!

I have exactely two weeks left before my departure. And let me tell you – I am not where I though I would be with my preparations. Nothing really seams to be packed. We still need to sell a heap of things and Mikes Visa documents are still not complete. I guess it is not that much of a big deal, since Mike will stay here another two months and can take care of unfinished issues. However, I did not want to leave him with all this to do alone. But I guess…things just don’t always go as planed.

I was in Munich last week to visit friends and family and I am about to prepare a post with tips on what to do if you are visiting Munich. I hope it will be finished by the end of the week; depending on my health.

Have a great end-of-week guys!

Life is a journey – and yes sometimes it just doesn’t go as planed. Keep posted!