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Dancing with butterflies: Maryland


I sure have quite some catching up to do on my little space, on this side of the internet. Mike and I have been traveling so much and have been out of reach of the internet for over a week, that it has been hard to keep up with my posts! So please excuse the small delay.

Since Washington Mike and I have headed further North to meet up with a friend of Mikes and his family in Maryland and had a lovely day of down time in the nearby Rocks State Park, were we went on a slow paced and easy hike and relaxed at a waterfall, before heading to the river were I danced with butterflies!! (more…)



It is summer and we are on the road again! That’s right! We are leaving today to go visit friends and family on the East Coast and we will be traveling to some pretty cool places! Nashville, Tennessee; Asheville, North Carolina; Virginia Beach; Arlington and Alexandria, Virginia; Washington, DC; Maryland; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Cape Cod all the way up to Provincetown, Massachusetts; Niagra Falls, Canada and finally Detroit, Michigan! So stay tuned!

Have a great weekend loved ones! And don’t forget…Life is a journey!