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Making a home

homeAs I promised in this post, I will show you the status quo of our house progress. A bit later then planed due to storms related power shortages. Welcome to America where power lines are above ground and power supply collapses with every storm, blizzard, tornado or other natural hazard!


Sunday lovin’: Together in love

MikeWelcomeHomeAs some of you might have read in this post, Mike has arrived!!!!! I picked him up from the bus that came from Chicago, where he had stayed with a dear friend of ours after going through immigration on Thursday evening. I cannot express how excited I was! I had been nervous all day, tidying the house, cleaning, hanging up decoration – all in anticipation of Mikes arrival. I prepared dinner and headed out an hour early to pick him up, just to make sure I got there on time. (more…)

Countdown is on!


It is actually D-1,7!! Yes 1,7. Can you believe it? Mike has actually boarded the plane a couple of hours ago that will take him to Amsterdam, where he will then get onto the plain that brings him to the US of A!!! It will only take another 40 hours before I will be able to pick him up here in Louisville!! I have been counting the days and now all of a sudden, D-1 has come so fast and I will no longer miss my darling husband! I am so excited – I can hardly breath!

This past week has been filled with activities that I would love to share with you as soon as I finished editing the photos. Drinks with friends and family, a Birthday turned into a Halloween celebrated at the Derby tracks, hanging with new found friends in bars and listening to live bluegrass and rock music, painting my house and furniture, cleaning, weeding the garden, getting new car tires and so much more! But right now it is late and I will call it a day! Over and out.

Life is a journey…and my husbands journey has now begun…can’t wait!!

Late Sunday lovin’: getting our house on!

moving in.jpgWith all the changes lately – me moving into the house, getting used to driving a car on a daily basis, meeting new friends and cultivating a new social life – I have been reluctant of this little space here on the internet. I will try to be more active again and keep you up to date!

I have moved in to the house and have started cleaning it and getting it ready for Mikes arrival. I can’t believe it is D-5!!! It seamed soo far away and now it has come so fast I can hardly believe it! Can’t wait to hold my beloved husband in my arms again! (more…)

I guess I got myself a life!


Things have been i.n.s.a.n.e! I am so sorry I haven’t had time to update you on all that has been going on! So here goes:

SONY DSCI found a house!!

I bought a car!!!

I got insurance for both, car and house!

I am really excited, to say the least! So after all, it does look like I will have things set up for when Mike comes to Louisville in 10 days!!!! Yeeeess!!! He is almost here.

Until then I have a lot of stuff to do and I have at times been a little overwhelmed, scared and plain flabergasted! I moved in last wednesday and have been practicing my driving around town. After not driving for more than 2 years, it has been quite an adjustment and I still feel insecure when on the freeway. But I will get there eventually. Good thing I love my car and feel really safe driving it…except for the tires that definitely need to be replaced! 🙂

As for the house it is p.e.r.f.e.c.t! It has three bedroom, 2 bathrooms, an open kitchen, two fireplaces and a basement to hide in when the tornado season hits. The yard is huge and has a lawn to run on, flowers to wow at, and a fruit and veggie garden to get my green thumb working! We even have peach and apple trees in the back! Best of all, it has a huge back porch big enough to have family and friends over for a BBQ cookout! I can’t wait!!

It is a 1950’s house and has that kind of a feel to it. I am very excited about decorating it and making it into our home. But for now, there is a lot of cleaning, painting and yard sale shopping to be done before that!

Looks like I got myself a life here! Let the adventure begin!

Have a great week guys! And don’t forget! Life is a journey, enjoy the ride!

d-21 or The truth about following your dreams

SONY DSCIt’s official…the move to the US is so close I can’t deny it any longer…OMG THIS is really happening!

I had my last day at work this week and it seamed utterly unreal! I have been waiting for this day to come for months, thinking it would mark the beginning of finally getting excited about the move, hard-core packing and  basically having enough time on my hands to get all those ducks in a row, without having to worry about work. But you know what?…nothing of this set in! I have only 21 more days to go before departure and it still seams so unreal! Where is all the excitement I should be feeling since this has been a dream of mine for many years? Where is the energy and joy for packing and organizing I normally have before a big trip? I came to realise, the truth about following your dreams is: it’s pretty darn scary!!!! And hell yeah…I AM EXTREMELY SCARED!

It’s not that moving is new to me! I have basically moved my entire life. I lived in Munich Germany most of my childhood, but have moved around the world with my mom on a 6-month basis. We used to spend half of the year in Germany and half of the year in the States until I turned 7. We moved to Paris for a year; we even lived in Thailand for a while! And as I grew older I continued this kind of a life-style: moving to Vienna – Austria for my studies, moving to Belgium to follow my then-love for two years and starting anew back in Vienna. So no…moving is definitely NOT new to me at all. But this time it feels different!

Maybe getting older makes us more fearful…moving as a kid was pure adventure. I didn’t need to think about anything – cause Mom did all the thinking. Moving in my tweens was different, because it made me feel free as a bird. Just pack my bags and go! But it is crucially different now – I am married! My decisions have an effect on the life of my husband. Of course, it was his decision to come along – we decided to move to the States together…however, it is MY dream. Mike is just making it possible.

And what if I find out my dream was not worth it after all? What if I find out I hate living in Louisville? Or what if I love it and Mike gets homesick? How will living abroad, fighting culture shock, getting settled in a new environment effect our marriage? I know these questions will only be answered once we actually move, once we actually get there…but they do pop-up once and a while and make me wonder if this was such a good idea after all! But I guess if you don’t jump, you’ll never know if you can fly right?

And then there is all that real-life-stuff you need to think about when moving abroad. The Green Card application for Mike and all of its sometimes very annoying and scary burocratic procedures. Where will we live? How much money will we need to start off? What kind of insurances are we going to get? Do we stay registered in Europe, or not? All these questions are necessary and need to be answered, and finding answeres can be hard and demands a lot of patience. And even though I am more than sure a lot of people have moved from Austria to the States before, sometimes it seams as though we are the first ever to ask all these questions and no one is able to help! At times it can be tiering, and yes …scary!

The truth about following yours dreams is…it demands a lot of energy – energy and courage! It is way easier to dream about something, than to actually do it! So much easier to stay in a secure 9 to 5 job than actually jump into the blue, without knowing what will happen. It is easier to actually not follow yours dreams. Easier to stay in your known environment and keep dreaming. But I have decided to jump! And dear my, I hope it will be worth it!

Life truely is a journey…! Have a good one brave-ones!