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A week of love

week of love titel

This week has been filed with wedding anniversary fun and celebrations. Since starting our new jobs it has taken time to get used to the new groove and we have been exhausted every night. So it was especially good for us to take a step back and enjoy ourselves.

On our way to our anniversary date-night

Our 3 year wedding anniversary was spent in Louisvilles only German style beer garden – drinking Hefe Weizen and enjoying pretty authentic (so so delicious!!) prezel bread before heading over to Jack Fry’s for a luxurious diner. The 1930s feel with live jazz music as a backdrop was the perfect environment for a romantic evening together. It doesn’t get better than that!



drinking beer

Prezels and beer-cheese at Holy Grale

Diner at Jack Fry's

On Thursday we splurged on take out sushi before heading over to Iroquois Ampitheater for a concert of John Butler Trio! I was introduced to John Butlers music about 6 years ago by my cousin Louise when I traveled through Australia and have loved it ever since. So.much.fun!

John Butler Trio

If you feel like a sunday soundtrack I recommend:

This weekend is back to bussines while we process the rest of our peaches and do our normal duties around the house – it just never gets boring around here!

Hope you guys had a great week! Enjoy your Sunday loved-ones!

And don’t forget – Life is a journey! Enjoy!


Thank you for…

Hochzeit Mike und Selina LowRes-page-016

…loving me with all my flaws.

Thank you for showing me that happiness can be found every day and that the tranquil flow of day to day life can bring upon peace.

Thank you for sharing your soul and making me love mine.

Here’s to endless more years with you! Happy Anniversary!

Life is a journey – thankful for being able to share it with you.

Like ying and yang


Today is a special day. It will be two years since I married this wonderful man and I could not be more thankful! Like ying and yang we are opposites and always equal. You are my mountain and I am the shade that wounders it. You are the calm deep pool, and I am the stone that raises waves until the alternation of high and low points in the water will radiate outward, until the movement dissipates and the pool is calm once more. We are both parts of a mutual whole. You are my calming mountain, always there for me. I am your stone, reminding you that play is just as important as work. Together we are a great team! Thank you for being such an awesome husband!I love you!