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Living room reveal


It has been a while since we shared the evolution of our home and what we had done by then was really not a lot. Since then I have been updating and decorating all along, so I decided it was time to share some of our newly decorated home with you. Let me start with the living room. (more…)

A new season – a new beginning

fall1Fall has slowly made its way to Louisville – quite a change for us Austrians, ’cause this time of year back home, the trees are already nacked and winter is settling in. In Kentucky the leaves are only now starting to change colors and lay out a colorful carpet in our garden. It is still quite warm as well, making the days we have needed a jacket outdoor a single digit. I am very much enjoying these late indian summer days, sucking up the sun as much as I can. (more…)

Making a home

homeAs I promised in this post, I will show you the status quo of our house progress. A bit later then planed due to storms related power shortages. Welcome to America where power lines are above ground and power supply collapses with every storm, blizzard, tornado or other natural hazard!


Sunday lovin’: Together in love

MikeWelcomeHomeAs some of you might have read in this post, Mike has arrived!!!!! I picked him up from the bus that came from Chicago, where he had stayed with a dear friend of ours after going through immigration on Thursday evening. I cannot express how excited I was! I had been nervous all day, tidying the house, cleaning, hanging up decoration – all in anticipation of Mikes arrival. I prepared dinner and headed out an hour early to pick him up, just to make sure I got there on time. (more…)

When I started feelin’ at home

MiracleAfter some kinda rough weeks here in Louisville, things have calmed down and I am finally enjoying this lovely city. My companion Julep (my scooter that is) has taken me down Bardstown Road to discover the Highlands, with its cute small shops, wide variety of people, restaurants and coffee shops. I have enjoyed a first solo shopping spree on a gorgeous summery day, walked the tree-shaded streets of St Matthews and searched for TO RENT signs by car with my cousin and his wife in Clifton and Crescent Hills. I have chatted with shop owners and have been welcomed to town – and yes – finally feel a little bit more at home.
Memorial-Day-weekend was full of fun happenings and has given me the time to discover and enjoy. And wow – what can I say I have actually started meeting people!


My first dive into the city scene was on Saturday, when I decided to hit up the NO-GMO anti-Monsanto demonstration.

Since access to healthy food and organic lifestyle is close to my heart, it was a cause I definitely wanted to support. In case you are not familiar with the dangers genetically modified organisms and food hold, read more here . Coming from Austria, I have been spoiled with accessible organic pretty-much-anything and at a decent and affordable price. Not so here in the US! AND – if you actually want to avoid genetically modified foods, it can be quite hard, since such products do not need to be labeled. I have however come across a great App that will help you avoid these foods by scanning product barcodes called Buycott.

Protest1protest2smoothieLong story short, I went to the protest, had great fun and met some very nice people!! I even went for a drink with one of the girls from the protest Julie at Life Bar – a great organic smoothie place on Bardstown Road and was invited for a cook-out (grilling and eating out in the yard that is) by Erica, another girl from the protest. So hello Louisville! I have finally arrived!


Life is a journey – and sometimes it just takes longer to get to where you wanna be! Have a good one loved ones!