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Deep Sea Cincinnati Easter Celebration


My cousin Melissa, her husband Moustafa and daughter Sofia came to visit some friends in Cincinnati last week which gave the Louisville part of the family the opportunity to meet up with them for a Saturday Easter celebration! Cincinnati is only 1.5 hours away from Louisville, a distance that seems like just around the corner after living in the US for almost a year (yes…the US of A is just MASSIVE!). For being so close, I have to admit, Mike and I have not yet quite ventured through the city of Cincinnati – except for a short day visit once with my cousin John and his wife Kathy. There is definitely still a lot for us to discover when it comes to the surroundings of our new home town Louisville, and its nearby cities.

For our meet-up we chose Newport – which is still situated on the Kentucky side of the Ohio river – and is basically like a suburb to Cincinnati. Newport offers an on the river Mall with family fun, restaurants a river walk, bars and lots and lots of patio seating. Since Saturday was just a beautiful warm spring day it was the perfect choice. We met up for lunch at Brio – definitely to be recommended if you are looking for good Italian cuisine.


Cincinnati2 Cincinnati3 Cincinnati4

The treat of the day was however a visit to the Newport Aquarium! Those of you that know us well – know how much Mike and I are suckers for exotic animals! Needless to say – we had a blast! If you ever end up in Cincinnati, it is definitely worth making the trip over to Newport to visit the aquarium!



All in all we had a great family gathering – and a lovely Easter celebration!

How did you spend your Easter?

Happy hump day loved-ones – and don’t forget – life is a journey, stay in the flow 😉 !

Surprising Grandma – a family visit in Germany


It was my grandmothers birthday – and can you believe it – she turned 89 years old! My grandmother never was your typical granny. Until this day she will be wearing bright colors, African necklaces and never be boring or conservative. She will surprise you with stories of free love in the 50s, wild artist parties in Ghana and never judge you and your life path. Needless to say, I love her! And some might say I inherited her fiery temperament. (more…)

Sunday lovin’: Together in love

MikeWelcomeHomeAs some of you might have read in this post, Mike has arrived!!!!! I picked him up from the bus that came from Chicago, where he had stayed with a dear friend of ours after going through immigration on Thursday evening. I cannot express how excited I was! I had been nervous all day, tidying the house, cleaning, hanging up decoration – all in anticipation of Mikes arrival. I prepared dinner and headed out an hour early to pick him up, just to make sure I got there on time. (more…)

Talkin’ family in Chicago!

SONY DSCHey there guys! I apologize for neglecting you this week. I have been rather busy getting installed and have finally arrived in Louisville!! Can you imagine… But more about that in tomorrows post 😉

Let me catch up on my Chicago trip first!

For my first day in Chicago I was by myself and had fun strolling through the city. On the second day my cousin John came up from Kentucky to enjoy an amazing day with me in the Windy City! Here are a couple of impressions of that day out and about in Chicago!

chicago beanIf you ever get a chance to visit Chicago, visit Millenium Park – it is really worth it! We loooved the Chicago Bean – such a fun piece of art! And while you are nearby, check out the open air concert area, lovely herb gardens and walk down to Lake Michigan for a stroll and sandwich lunch. At least thats what we did!  😉

lake views

SONY DSCCheck out the Willis Tower – even if you don’t feel like waiting in line, which we didn’t – it’s still a very impressive view from beneath! But if you get there early or late enough, and don’t mind waiting a little while, the glass floor view is truly amazing!


It’s also definitely worth walking down to Marina City! Great 60’s architecture and you get a bit of the rough urban industrial flair, Chicago is so well known for.

Chicago definitely has a wider variety of different neighborhoods that are great to explore. The Ukrainian Village, Old Town, Bucktown and Wicker Park, Boystown…and Chinatown! Since all we had was a days time, we decided we felt like Chinese food, and China Shop browsing. What a great decision!!chinatown

 What have you guys been up to? I would be more than thrilled to hear your stories!

Life is a journey…share yours!

My Bavarian heart – a visit in Munich

MunichHi guys! I am finally feeling beter and ready to start the week with elan! Which is…to be absolutely honest ABSOLUTELY needed! So much to do, prepare and get ready…OMG only 10 more days to go before I leave the beautiful city of Vienna and head off to my home country the U.S. of A. and my new home town Louisville, KY! Time to pack and enjoy!!

Two weeks ago however, I went to Munich, Bavaria to visit friends and family and to say goodbye to them. BreznMunich is the city I was born in. It is the heart of Bavaria, a truely beautiful city with great beer and don’t forget the most awmazing pretzels! And I am not talking hard and crunchy like the ones you guys are used to, but doughy inside with a nice crust. The B E S T! Eventhough I spent most of my first 18 years of my life here, Munich has grown  foreign to me. For the past years I hardly had time to actually enjoy the city in itself, since my short visits were mainly dedicated to my family. However, this time around I took myself a whole week to properly say goodbye. I don’t know if you guys know what I mean when I say that my relationship with my birth city has been somewhat …complicated. For a long time now, I had the feeling that too many bad memories were made here and I spent a lot of my miserable teen years feeling out of place. It makes it even more special to say, that this week has helped mend that divide between me and Munich and I can truely say: I forgave you Munich! And hey! …after all we have been through, you are kinda awesome!MunichCollage1


collage munich2

Spending time with old friends and goofing with my brother! Essential!

girls weekend

Having a girls week-end with my sister of heart Jolyne from Der Bastel Blog and crafting away!

And of course spending very long fun nites!!!

Some places I discovered and would really recommend for a nite of girls night1 drinks out, are in the Glockenbach district. If you ever have a chance, check out the Lola – great bartender and very cozy with sleek walls and red velvet vintage furniture. The Lola is located in the same space that used to house the infamous “Mylord” and was the place to be in the 80s of Munichs who-is-who scene. Those days are over and have made space for a younger crowd and a more familiar atmosphere. girls night3Jeans-and-t-shirt folk mixes with high-heel-beauties and hipsters for an always-fun crowd. For edgier music and some soul to shake your booty too, head to the small Lizard bar, for  hiphop beats and the best whiskey sour in town. Disco feeling will come up at Rausch & Töchter or at dress-down bar and club X-cess for a  layed back late-nite shake to classic tunes from the 80s to today. I had a great time and actually met a lot of old school friends. Thanks for the fun Jolyne. You rock girl!

Very healing was having the extra time to pass by my old street were I grew up and to discover that while some things seam to have changed others always stay the same. I think we will get along again – you and me – Munich! It was truely a perfect goodbye!


Life is a journey…and sometimes home towns get second chances! Have a good week guys!