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Living room reveal


It has been a while since we shared the evolution of our home and what we had done by then was really not a lot. Since then I have been updating and decorating all along, so I decided it was time to share some of our newly decorated home with you. Let me start with the living room. (more…)

Making a home

homeAs I promised in this post, I will show you the status quo of our house progress. A bit later then planed due to storms related power shortages. Welcome to America where power lines are above ground and power supply collapses with every storm, blizzard, tornado or other natural hazard!


Sunday lovin’ – homemade cinnamon sugar scrub

SONY DSCDon’t you love sundays? They are my favorite day of the week! Truely! A day for real down time, reading, crafting, baking, watching movies or just staying in bed and spending the day in PJs. My favorite part is to pamper oneself; enjoy the simple things of life. In this case, a homemade all-natural home-spa special: cinnamon-lemon sugar scrub!

I love the smell of sweet cinnamon and lemon on my skin, and the way it makes my skin feel: so smooth and soft, and yummy on top! A hard to get feeling with store bought peelings I find. And isn’t it great to know that what you put on your skin is free of additives and so easy to make you will find all ingredients in your kitchen?! A luxurious and fragrant peeling you can whip up in just a few minutes! So lets get started!

sugar scrub 3Get yourself a glass or jar to mix your ingredients. In accordance to whether you want to mix enough peeling for the entire body or just your face, pour in the amount of brown sugar you think you will use. Brown sugar is an ideal base for a peeling, since its cristalls are soft to the skin and are not as harsh as ground peach pits, often used in store bought peelings.

For the amount I used, I added a half a teaspoon of cinnamon. My cinnamon is extremely intense, if you are using a less strong kind you might want to add a bit more. Due to its content of zinc and vitamin C, cinnamon has been used since the ancient Egyptians as an anti-bacterial treatment and healing properties in cosmetics. Great especially for fighting impurities.

Now add some freshly grated nutmeg. I would say just a few grates…comparable to twice the amount what would fit on the tip of a knife. Nutmeg is high in manganese, copper and zinc as well as many vital B-complex vitamins, including vitamin C, folic acid, riboflavin, niacin, vitamin A and many flavonoid anti-oxidants whith skin curative properties. Anti-oxidants and vitamin C will boost your complexion and make your skin fresh and radiant.

To mix your scrub to a smooth texture, add some freshly pressed lemon juice. I use a bit less than half of a small lemon. Make sure to add the liquid bit by bit, as the texture might get too runny. Make sure only to “dampen” the sugar mixture, so you don’t have the peeling driping into your eyes during its application. Lemon juice is especially good to add if you have red spots left over from impurities or acne scares. The lemon juice will slowly even your complexion. If your skin is very sensitive you might want to substitute the lemon juice with honey. Honey has been used in traditional medicin for its healing and antiseptic properties, even on wounds for hundreds of years and is therefore the perfect addition to this peeling.

Once the mixture is ready, dampen your skin and apply in circular motion. If you are doing a whole-body peeling, you might want to shower down with hot water first. The warmth will open your pores and make your skin more responsive to the healing benefits. If you are using it as a facial peel, you can leave it on for a while, just like a mask. If you added lemon however, do not let it sit too long as the acid can be harsh to your skin.

This peeling can either be used straight away, or kept refigerated for a couple of days.

Have fun mixing gals and enjoy the warmth of the cinnamon smell! Ideal for a relaxing sunday evening!

 And don’t forget…life is a journey, cultivate your roots!