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Countdown is on!


It is actually D-1,7!! Yes 1,7. Can you believe it? Mike has actually boarded the plane a couple of hours ago that will take him to Amsterdam, where he will then get onto the plain that brings him to the US of A!!! It will only take another 40 hours before I will be able to pick him up here in Louisville!! I have been counting the days and now all of a sudden, D-1 has come so fast and I will no longer miss my darling husband! I am so excited – I can hardly breath!

This past week has been filled with activities that I would love to share with you as soon as I finished editing the photos. Drinks with friends and family, a Birthday turned into a Halloween celebrated at the Derby tracks, hanging with new found friends in bars and listening to live bluegrass and rock music, painting my house and furniture, cleaning, weeding the garden, getting new car tires and so much more! But right now it is late and I will call it a day! Over and out.

Life is a journey…and my husbands journey has now begun…can’t wait!!

Becoming a Kentuckian

SONY DSCIt is true! It is d-0…and I am flying to the States today! After 2 years of thinking about it, months of planing, and weeks of preparing, it is now turning into reality! And wow, does this feel weird.

I have been packing for the last 48hours and have not slept this night at all. I find it best to get onto the plane exhausted, that way I am sure to sleep through it. To be honest I hate flying! I love traveling, but not the actual flying part. I enjoy the getting-there more 😉

I will be heading to Chicago first, where I will meet up wih my cousin John. We will spend some time in the Windy City, before heading down to Louisville. I will try to keep you posted on the Chicago week-end. So stay tuned!

So here I go…Kentucky I am coming!!

Life is a journey…and this time Kentucky is its destination!