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What the chick!


Since entering the intruiging world of being a chicken owner, I have learned A LOT!

I have learned about bedding, dust-bathing, food, scraps to feed and not feed. I have learned how to hold them and clean out their coop. Unfortunately we have also learned how to deal with a chicken with respiratory infection, as well as dealing with parasites! Yes parasites – ugh! My chickens had MITES!

Now this is an adventure I would like to share with you, cause it is to some extend humorous! (more…)

Meet the girls!

meet the girls

Most of you probably already know – at least since this post –  that Mike and I have added 5 fancy chickens – so called Silkies to the Brandauer clan! They have been part of the family for four months now and they bring joy and laughter to our days. I though it was time to introduce you formally! (more…)