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Talkin’ family in Chicago!

SONY DSCHey there guys! I apologize for neglecting you this week. I have been rather busy getting installed and have finally arrived in Louisville!! Can you imagine… But more about that in tomorrows post 😉

Let me catch up on my Chicago trip first!

For my first day in Chicago I was by myself and had fun strolling through the city. On the second day my cousin John came up from Kentucky to enjoy an amazing day with me in the Windy City! Here are a couple of impressions of that day out and about in Chicago!

chicago beanIf you ever get a chance to visit Chicago, visit Millenium Park – it is really worth it! We loooved the Chicago Bean – such a fun piece of art! And while you are nearby, check out the open air concert area, lovely herb gardens and walk down to Lake Michigan for a stroll and sandwich lunch. At least thats what we did!  😉

lake views

SONY DSCCheck out the Willis Tower – even if you don’t feel like waiting in line, which we didn’t – it’s still a very impressive view from beneath! But if you get there early or late enough, and don’t mind waiting a little while, the glass floor view is truly amazing!


It’s also definitely worth walking down to Marina City! Great 60’s architecture and you get a bit of the rough urban industrial flair, Chicago is so well known for.

Chicago definitely has a wider variety of different neighborhoods that are great to explore. The Ukrainian Village, Old Town, Bucktown and Wicker Park, Boystown…and Chinatown! Since all we had was a days time, we decided we felt like Chinese food, and China Shop browsing. What a great decision!!chinatown

 What have you guys been up to? I would be more than thrilled to hear your stories!

Life is a journey…share yours!

Off the beaten track – first day in Chicago

Chicago1.jpgI must say, I was jet-lagged and felt alienated this morning when I woke up in the Windy City! It is so odd to be here…I think it still didn’t sink in that I actually moved here! It feels like just another awesome vacation.


beachChicago2I had a really good first day. Since I have been to Chicago before, I decided to take a look at some spots that have been recommended to me, but are somewhat off the beaten tracks of the tourist hotspots. I took the subway to the Gold Coast and had an amazing stroll along the Chicago beach up until North Beach, before heading in to Old Town for some Lunch at Old Town Pour House and desert at the french bakery La Fournette.OldTown2

The beach stroll was the perfect beginning! It felt so good to feel the warming sun upon my face, the wind in my hair and just be! Old Town was exactly what I had hoped for. Old and low Chicago buildings made of brick, cute bars and restaurants with street sitting gardens and small boutiques. Along the way I discovered some amazing shops that satisfied my urge for exotic smells and fun colors. SpiceHouseThe Spice House is a true treasure box and if you ever happen to be in the area an absolute must-stop-in! Their selection is absolutely insane! Beads.jpgAnother fun shop was String A Strand On Wells, a bead shop. An entire loft-like space dedicated to beads, stones and jewelry making! My little crafter inside screamed of joy, let me assure you!

Buffalos Exchange, a cool vintage clothing shop that exchanges, sells and buys colorfull clothes, shoes and accessories. A short stop at Reckless Records reminded me I definitely want to get a proper sound system as soon as we are settled and made sure I discovered funky vinyl and awesome record covers!thriftrecords

But my favorite of all shops in Wicker Park/Bucktown must be Mojo Spa! This is the absolute Selina-heaven. Handmade cosmetics, with all natural ingredients, all local and to top it of super cute! Their soaps are cake and cupcake shaped, and smell a.m.a.z.in.g.! The shop has such a girly vintage meets modern pin-up flair, I would of loved to move in straight away! A definite must if you love cosmetics or if you are in search of a cute gift for a kitsch-sucker like me!MojoSpa

What are your favorite spots in Chicago? have any recommendations for my next two days?

Have a good one fellows!


Touch-down in the land of dreams

SONY DSCAfter what felt like years worth of flight, I finally arrived in Chicago. Since my luggage was extremely heavy, I decided to swallow my “I need to save money” attitude and invest in a taxi service to my hotel. And boy… was I ever happy I did that! Not having slept the night before, I was so weak it was hard pulling both suitcases down the hall into my room! Imagine me on the Chicago metro with those two fat fellows!

It felt weird arriving in the US without my husband. It is after all my dream I am chasing after here, but I have chosen to share my life with him and it feels odd not to be able to share this special moment with him. I hope your Visa will be ready soon my love…I miss you already!

What are you guys up to?

Life is a journey…and the  journey has begun!