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Sunday Lovin’: Brunch at Hillbilly Tea

Hillbilly3When I arrived here in Louisville, my family had given me a gift card for this local restaurant and tea joint in Downtown Louisville. Since this weekend is memorial-day-weekend, and we had a bit more time on our hands, John, Kathy and I headed out for brunch at Hillbilly Tea today. A.m.a.z.i.n.g breakfast food, lovely rustic interior, nice and friendly staff and I loved their iced tea. John and I had the “remedy” tea and Kathy had the “minty green”. So good I even bought their tea blend. Yum!

Hillbilly1Hillbilly2After Brunch, we drove to the Highlands and had a sneak peak at the car show that was going on on Baxter Avenue. Such cool rides, live bands and vendors! Plus I finally got the first glimpse of some Rockabily in Louisville! Also enjoyed strolling the neighborhood and discovering Louisville’s walkable neighborhood. More to come on my first Louisville adventures very soon, so stay tuned!



Have a great day loved one!