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I am here! Finally in Louisville

Can you believe it…after my Chicago trip and a 5 hour drive, my cousin and I arrived in Louisville. Let me tell you I squeaked, laughed and yelled he should drive slow enough so I could take a picture. To say the least I was a wee bit excited!! Hello there new home town!

Louisville arriving


Since arriving here 4 days ago, I have battled the odds of immigration: jetlag, settling in, applying for a new social security card, opening a bank account to find out it would take 10 days before I would get my debit card and another 7 days before the money was transferred to the account. Dear Lord! And without a Louisville address you can’t even open an account! You gotta start somewhere!! Thank god I have a lovely family to help me out! Even getting a phone has proven to be quite a deal…without a debit card or working credit card with Louisville address – no phone. Bummer. Oh and if you haven’t lived in the US, you also do not have a credit score. And an insufficient credit history means no credit card. Bummer no.2. Luckily banks offer so called secured credit cards, that have a limit and are backed by putting down a certain amount of  cash. Not to mention that I still do not have a car and am therefore less than mobile! Thanks to my aunt Richena for helping me maneuver the craziness of all of this!

Louisville arriving 2There have of course been great first moments in Louisville as well: being in the loving surroundings of my dear family, living with my cousin and his wife, tasting amazing food, enjoying laughter, country music blasting out of the radio while being driven through the city by my cousins wife Kathy, discovering NuLu and its coffee shops, restaurant and antique stores.

Louisville arriving3

Tasting my first Mint Julep at the Garage Bar and buying a derby hat for the most famous 2 minutes in sport, the Kentucky Derby coming up on Saturday!garagebar

Louisville you are beautiful!

 Life is a journey, starting to spread my roots in Louisville!

Touch-down in the land of dreams

SONY DSCAfter what felt like years worth of flight, I finally arrived in Chicago. Since my luggage was extremely heavy, I decided to swallow my “I need to save money” attitude and invest in a taxi service to my hotel. And boy… was I ever happy I did that! Not having slept the night before, I was so weak it was hard pulling both suitcases down the hall into my room! Imagine me on the Chicago metro with those two fat fellows!

It felt weird arriving in the US without my husband. It is after all my dream I am chasing after here, but I have chosen to share my life with him and it feels odd not to be able to share this special moment with him. I hope your Visa will be ready soon my love…I miss you already!

What are you guys up to?

Life is a journey…and the  journey has begun!