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Sunday lovin’: Vintage Phoenix

PhonixMy last two days in Arizona, I spent in Phoenix, and my friend and I had such a great girls time out and about. The first day I enjoyed some down time, as Melissa had to work. So I headed to the gym and pool for some Selina time. True vacation!

On day two, Melissa and I made sure Phoenix was a more colorful place and since I am a sucker for thrift shops and vintage furniture, Melissa made it a point to show me what Phoenix has. And while we were at it, we threw in some good food, and cocktails at sunset! Yes … we sure had a great two days!

Beautiful city – fun times!

We went vintage and thrift store shopping at Grow op, Annie Boomer Vintage, and Sweet Salvage; had a lunch break at Lux and desert at Ollie cakesUrban Cookies. I loved my dutch pancake with fresh veggies and orange blossom cupcake – yumyum 🙂 Later on we stopped for lemonade at the garage coffee shop Copper Star Coffee…cause honest to god, why does it have to be sooo hot in Phoenix?! It’s only May after all!


Food Phoenix2A thing that I was pretty amazed about was the amount of creative little shops. So many vintage and refurbished furniture shopswith truly good prices! If I could, I would drive a truck down to Phoenix to buy all the furniture we will need for our future house here. So much cheaper and nicer stuff! Some of the funest shops were J.Sparrow Home and Garden as well as Rust and Roses.Vintage

The best ending to some seriously fun days was having a good-bye sunset cocktail at the Wrigley Mansion. An amazing place for drinks or even dinner – not overly crowded, amazing view and helpful staff.

mansionThanks Phoenix for such a good time! I will be back!

Life is a journey indeed…have a nice one loved ones!

Sky Country – I’m a happy tumbleweed

SONY DSCSo…have you guessed where I am? Yes…no…perhaps? I am in Big Sky Country…where tumbleweeds roll with quails and even the sky does not seem to be the limit! I am in Arizona!

Remember how stuck I felt last week? When it seemed that all I could do was learn to be patient and wait for things to take care of themselves? Well… that was true… but that’s when I had not thought about traveling! Since my financial situation did not seam to allow such extravaganza, I didn’t even think about it. But I had made my plans without my lovely friend Melissa.

I have known Melissa since I met her in Up-State New York at a summer camp when we were 14. We have been friends ever since and I love her to bits! When she heard about me feeling stuck and in a rut, she decided to buy me a ticket to Arizona, so that I was able to come and spend her 30th birthday with her!! Can you believe this girl?!

Needless to say, it has been a blast! I arrived here last week Friday and we spent a lazy saturday in Phoenix, catching up, doing some shopping and getting ready for her b-day party in the evening, where I got to meet some of her friends and had a glimpse at Scottsdales Old Town and night life!

Phoenix1photo-1On sunday we decided to head out to Sedona, which is a 2 hour drive from Phoenix. Sedona is a cute little city with a million dollar view of the Red Rocks, relaxing resorts, bed and breakfasts and fun little shops. If you ever have a chance to spend time in Sedona I can recommend staying at the Orchards Inn for budget traveling or at Enchantment if you are looking for a luxury get away. We have stayed in both and both have their thing going. While Enchantment if definitely high end, has an amazing spa area and a really beautiful set-up, the Orchard Inn is smack dab in the city center, has an amazing view of the rocks from most rooms and a cute little pool and hot tub with a million dollar view.

If you are heading to Sedona, don’t miss the Chapel of the Holy Cross in Coconino National Forest. This gorgeous chapel is built right into the mesa mountains of Sedona and overlooks the Red Rocks! A must see. What is highly recommended is to drive to the airport in Sedona, from where you have a stunning view of the surrounding and can watch the sunset. It was a purely magical and peaceful experience for us.

sedonaOn Monday Melissa had the grand idea to drive 2 hours northwest to the Grand Canyon National Park!! Yeeesss!! I actually finally saw the Grand Canyon!! May I say…it was a.m.a.z.i.n.g.!! Thanks Melissa for taking me! Originally we had planed to a 2 hour hike into the canyon, but since it was in the 90s decided to do the simple walk around the rim. That was after all a good decision, since we had to head back to Phoenix that same evening. The views were however, stunning!

Grand CanyonOn our way back, we stopped in Flagstaff for Sushi and gas. Flagstaff is a cute little mountain city, and home of Northern Arizona University – so it’s pretty up-beat and young. Great little restaurants, pubs and my new favorite shop Rainbow’s End (trust me…their website does not do them justice! Such a cute shop!!) So in case you are ever doing Route 66, you should definitely stop in Flagstaff. So worth it.

SONY DSCI still have another 2 more days here in Arizona, before heading back East. Can’t wait to discover Phoenix!

Have a good week loved-ones! And don’t forget to spread your wings…after all, life is a journey!