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Easy Peasy: Peanut Butter Oatmeal Cookies

Peanut Butter Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies

Happy Monday everyone! I hope getting up was not too much of a drag and the beginning of the work week is treating you well so far! Last night I had a strong cookie craving and decided to whip up some home made cookies for this mornings breakfast. Nothing better than to start your work week with a special treat! And since they turned out super yummy and really easy to make I though I would share! (more…)

Living room reveal


It has been a while since we shared the evolution of our home and what we had done by then was really not a lot. Since then I have been updating and decorating all along, so I decided it was time to share some of our newly decorated home with you. Let me start with the living room. (more…)

What the chick!


Since entering the intruiging world of being a chicken owner, I have learned A LOT!

I have learned about bedding, dust-bathing, food, scraps to feed and not feed. I have learned how to hold them and clean out their coop. Unfortunately we have also learned how to deal with a chicken with respiratory infection, as well as dealing with parasites! Yes parasites – ugh! My chickens had MITES!

Now this is an adventure I would like to share with you, cause it is to some extend humorous! (more…)

Meet the girls!

meet the girls

Most of you probably already know – at least since this post –  that Mike and I have added 5 fancy chickens – so called Silkies to the Brandauer clan! They have been part of the family for four months now and they bring joy and laughter to our days. I though it was time to introduce you formally! (more…)