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Simply Thankful


This years Thanksgiving celebration was simple. Just my aunt, uncle and us,  great food, lovely music and good conversation.



I am more than thankful for the home I have found here in Kentucky.





I am thankful for family and friends. And some more than needed days off with my love.




Here is to being thankful for the small things.





Love, friendship, family and too much pie!

Interesting how being thankful turns everything into enough.


Hope you had a happy Thanksgiving loved ones!

Life is a journey – let’s take a moment to be thankful for this amazingly beautiful journey.

Hello Fall!

Hello_fallThis summer was short. It felt like it didn’t really happen.  The fact that we didn’t go on vacation and that we had a lot of rain here in Kentucky – and not as hot weather as it is usual, made summer just a distant dream. And I had a really hard time with accepting it was almost over, because of it! Just that one more day of hot weather please – just one more day at a lake – just one…But then all of a sudden my calender says – FALL IS HERE! fAL_DRIVE.jpgAnd as much as I said I wasn’t ready for it – it has started with a bang!


The weather is lovely – sunny crisp mornings, warm afternoons. The apples were early this year, so all the cannning tasks are done and I can’t wait for the leaves to start changing color! Bring it on. Roadtrips with fire pit pit-stops and cozzy talks, warm tea and sweaters, pumpkin everything and apple pie! I do love fall!Fall_gords.jpg





Hope you are having a beautiful first fall week! Have a lovely rest of it loved-ones! And don’t forget:


Life is a journey!



Harvest time is busy time

chardgirlI am a first time gardener – so this first harvest season has been very exciting for me! I would have never thought my garden would produce the amounts it did. I guess I did not expect being so good at this, ha! And I am actually a little overwhelmed this time of year. All those lovely veggies I have grown are ripe, need to be picked, cut and packed up for the winter, prepped, frozen, canned, etc.


In addition, the apples are ripe and also demand attention or will all go to waste. It is quite a process and I never seam to have enough jars. At the end of such harvest days my feet hurts from standing at the stove canning, my fingers are orange, brown or green from handling and cutting fruits or vegetables and when I go to bed I dream of boiling pots, jars and floating tomatoes above my head.


Ever so thankful for all this goodness I get to experience and taste! For all the food the soil has gifted us, and the first all- home-grown/home hunted meals we have eaten that make it all worth while. September you are quite something!

How has your September been so far?

Life is a journey! Enjoy your September!

September so far

September so far titel

So far, September has been good to us!

My garden has gifted me of an abundance of fresh vegetables.

Veggie harvest

My chickens are happily munching away in the garden – after a raccoon attack that injured but spared our little Oprah!

munching chickens

Apple season has officially started and I am back to making and backing like crazy!

apple picking

I got to feel like a b-rated movie star for one night at the Louisville zombie walk.

b-rated movie star zombe walk

A rained-out Bluegrass Festival turned into an intimate tent concert .


Great weather turned my favorite market into a great Saturday girls-time!

Flea off market

We have spent good times with great people and LOTS of music.


Welcome fall! Even though I didn’t feel ready for autumn,  so far you have been good to us !

How has your fall been been so far loved-ones?

Have a great start to your week – and don’t forget: Life is a journey!



About journeys that root.

Titel image - Journeys that Root

Time has been running through my fingers like sand lately. Ever since Mike and I started our new jobs, there never seams to be enough time! I guess time flies when you are having fun, right!?

This morning I took Mike to the airport for his first ever business trip. I am kinda really jealous, ’cause he is heading to California without me 🙁 boohoo! I do hope to be able to go there soon myself some time soon. This east coast girl would love to go west!

Except for working – life has been spent in the garden picking fruit, making jam and pies, and harvesting fresh veggies and herbs from the garden. Never would I have thought that this would bring me so much peace and pleasure. Ever since living in Kentucky, I have connected more and more with the earth – and am loving it! Never would this city girl have though that she was country deep down inside! It sure is a learning process – and I can say for sure: re-connecting with my American side has not only made me understand were I come from and has shown me my roots, but this experience has also rooted me! An amazing journey indeed!







Hope you are enjoying your last month of Summer – I do love August!!

Have a great week loved ones!

And don’t forget -Life is a journey!


A week of love

week of love titel

This week has been filed with wedding anniversary fun and celebrations. Since starting our new jobs it has taken time to get used to the new groove and we have been exhausted every night. So it was especially good for us to take a step back and enjoy ourselves.

On our way to our anniversary date-night

Our 3 year wedding anniversary was spent in Louisvilles only German style beer garden – drinking Hefe Weizen and enjoying pretty authentic (so so delicious!!) prezel bread before heading over to Jack Fry’s for a luxurious diner. The 1930s feel with live jazz music as a backdrop was the perfect environment for a romantic evening together. It doesn’t get better than that!



drinking beer

Prezels and beer-cheese at Holy Grale

Diner at Jack Fry's

On Thursday we splurged on take out sushi before heading over to Iroquois Ampitheater for a concert of John Butler Trio! I was introduced to John Butlers music about 6 years ago by my cousin Louise when I traveled through Australia and have loved it ever since. So.much.fun!

John Butler Trio

If you feel like a sunday soundtrack I recommend:

This weekend is back to bussines while we process the rest of our peaches and do our normal duties around the house – it just never gets boring around here!

Hope you guys had a great week! Enjoy your Sunday loved-ones!

And don’t forget – Life is a journey! Enjoy!


Thank you for…

Hochzeit Mike und Selina LowRes-page-016

…loving me with all my flaws.

Thank you for showing me that happiness can be found every day and that the tranquil flow of day to day life can bring upon peace.

Thank you for sharing your soul and making me love mine.

Here’s to endless more years with you! Happy Anniversary!

Life is a journey – thankful for being able to share it with you.

Sweet Summer Beginnings


Kentucky summer is here – meaning temperatures are in the 30’s C, humidity is high, nights are warm, lightening bugs filling our backyard, summer festivals the city, bourbon is drunk out by the fire pit and I enjoy the goodness of collecting my gardening labors in form of fresh salad, tomatoes, squash, kale, chard and cucumbers – I am still waiting on those carrots!

But the month of Juli has also brought great surprises and new beginning. (Yeees I know, we seam to LOVE new beginnings in the Morrison-Brandauer home!) Our reptile business is picking up and I scored the perfect part-time job. I started working as an assistant to the vice executive of a non profit organization, serving people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. The job gives me enough freedom to continue helping Mike grow our company, and do something that makes it worth while! The second new beginning is that also Mike got a new job and will be returning to the pharmaceutical industry after being called by a headhunter! Two new jobs in one month! Pheeewww – talk about new beginnings all right!

Next to all these exiting new starts we have been enjoying our second Kentucky summer.


summer me


Summer is: barefoot gardening, chicken cuddling, drinking old fashions on the back deck, picking veggies and taking a ride out to the countryside just outside of Louisville.

summer walk

How has your summer started off?

Have a great week loved ones – and don’t forget: Life is a journey!

Lately – Spring Happenings


Lately we have been truely living spring! While it is moving closer to the Kentucky Derby – the most famous 2 minutes in sport – Louisville is full of festivals, parties, wide brimed hats and craziness. We are sort of keeping out of it – at least until now – and are enjoying the simple pleasures in life!

I have been all about town with my new camera and am absolutely loving it! The air warmed up and the Mighty Kindness Hoot festival in honour of Earth Day felt like a short glimpse at summer.

We have finally gotten the lawn mower back in motion (Mike fixed absolutely everything!) and I am excited to announce that we have started digging up dirt and landscaping for our very own vegetable garden. I will plant after Derby Day since this is what people say is safe to do around here (don’t want anything to freeze after all) – so I am getting super excited for next weekend in that perspective! I will write more about my planting activities as soon as everything is in the ground and I have more pictures to share than lumps of dirt!



Our chickens are doing absolutely well – even if they have yet to understand how to use the ramp into their coop! I sometimes wonder.

The warmth and the sunny days have given us the opportunity to go on after-work patio dates, listen to outdoor concerts, enjoy food outdoors and plainly enjoy life to the fullest!

(Oh and not to forget  – Mike also made amazingly yummy pita bread himself – thanks Mike’s dad for the recipe!)


Yeayy to spring and fun in the sun! Hope you all had a do-able Monday loved ones!

Have a great start to your week, and don’t forget: Life is a journey!

Look who stopped by today!


Just a quick post to show you who stopped by on this Easter Monday! …YES!!! Mr Easter Rabbit himself!


I hope all of you Europeans had a great long Easter weekend and enjoyed your free Easter Monday – this luxury has not been gifted to America! We did however enjoy the weekend and had special family time spent in Cincinnati – I will share soon!

Mr Easter Rabbit

Have a great start to your week loved-ones!

And don’t forget: Life is a journey!