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Hello Fall!

Hello_fallThis summer was short. It felt like it didn’t really happen.  The fact that we didn’t go on vacation and that we had a lot of rain here in Kentucky – and not as hot weather as it is usual, made summer just a distant dream. And I had a really hard time with accepting it was almost over, because of it! Just that one more day of hot weather please – just one more day at a lake – just one…But then all of a sudden my calender says – FALL IS HERE! fAL_DRIVE.jpgAnd as much as I said I wasn’t ready for it – it has started with a bang!


The weather is lovely – sunny crisp mornings, warm afternoons. The apples were early this year, so all the cannning tasks are done and I can’t wait for the leaves to start changing color! Bring it on. Roadtrips with fire pit pit-stops and cozzy talks, warm tea and sweaters, pumpkin everything and apple pie! I do love fall!Fall_gords.jpg





Hope you are having a beautiful first fall week! Have a lovely rest of it loved-ones! And don’t forget:


Life is a journey!



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