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Harvest time is busy time

chardgirlI am a first time gardener – so this first harvest season has been very exciting for me! I would have never thought my garden would produce the amounts it did. I guess I did not expect being so good at this, ha! And I am actually a little overwhelmed this time of year. All those lovely veggies I have grown are ripe, need to be picked, cut and packed up for the winter, prepped, frozen, canned, etc.


In addition, the apples are ripe and also demand attention or will all go to waste. It is quite a process and I never seam to have enough jars. At the end of such harvest days my feet hurts from standing at the stove canning, my fingers are orange, brown or green from handling and cutting fruits or vegetables and when I go to bed I dream of boiling pots, jars and floating tomatoes above my head.


Ever so thankful for all this goodness I get to experience and taste! For all the food the soil has gifted us, and the first all- home-grown/home hunted meals we have eaten that make it all worth while. September you are quite something!

How has your September been so far?

Life is a journey! Enjoy your September!

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