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Weekend Shananigans


It has been busy. And overwhelming. But thank God for good friends that teach you how to make bread, lend a helping hand when in need, good food, homemade beer and sunny warm May days spent out on the porch!

What happened:

Mike was on his way out to the countryside Friday night and a deer ran in front of his car from out of nowhere which totally smashed our car. The deer was not doing to well either.

car wreck

Luckily, nothing happened to Mike. He just had the pleasure of getting the car towed back home to Louisville and a rather unpleasant call with the insurance company – that is not going to pay a thing! Thankful for my cousin John who was there to help, drive Mike around and even go with him to junk yards on Sunday to take measurements essential for rebuilding our car.

Weekend Shananigans

What made it all better:

Our friends all came over on Sunday to hang out, lend a helping hand, show me how to bake bread and gift me of a bunch of bakers utensils!! We laughed, listened to bluegrass music, enjoyed the sun, ate and drunk homemade beer. It was the best Sunday one could of ask for after those events! Beloved friends – you are awesome!




weekend Shananigans4




And may I say – we have the best friends EVER! One took off work and the other sacrificed his day off on Monday to help Mike drive to junk yards, pick up parts and help restore our car back – not to its old beauty  but to functionality 😉 ! And yes – we did drive over the bent hood with the lawn mower to straighten it out! That’s just how we roll here in Kentucky!


Hope you all had a great start into your week! Keep smiling and don’t forget –  life is a journey even if sometimes a very bumpy one! Enjoy the ride!



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