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What the chick!


Since entering the intruiging world of being a chicken owner, I have learned A LOT!

I have learned about bedding, dust-bathing, food, scraps to feed and not feed. I have learned how to hold them and clean out their coop. Unfortunately we have also learned how to deal with a chicken with respiratory infection, as well as dealing with parasites! Yes parasites – ugh! My chickens had MITES!

Now this is an adventure I would like to share with you, cause it is to some extend humorous!

A couple weaks back, Oprah was kind of low. She did’nt enjoy eating and she was a lot quieter than she had been before. Since Neo had been sick a week or two before her with respiratory infection, I though – oh great here we go again – and took her inside to live in the bathtub for a while, where I could watch her and give her daily medecine. However, while I was keeping her inside, she managed to sit – yes sit– in her  joghurt until she was a complete mess of sticky chicken. She was so gross, I decided to wash her. I looked up how other chicken owners go about such a thing on backyardchickens (love love Love this site – super helpful!) and got some baby shampoo to do so.

After washing and wrapping her in a towel to dry her, I saw that small red little things were crawling all over her head!! I headed out to check the other girls and found mites on 2 of 4 birds. Crapers!

I read online again what to do and went out to buy some poultry dust (read chemical weapon against fleas, lice and mites in dust form). I dusted all of the chickens – you can imagine they were rather NOT happy about this – dusted their coop and run and waited. After a couple days I needed to wash the chickens to get the chemicals off of them, as well as clean the bedding and coop. Same procedure was done after a weeks time, to make sure that, in case mite-eggs had survived, the hatched mites would be killed before reproduction. And yes, I had to wash the chickens again!

While the whole mite thing was really not all that fun – neither for me, nor for the chickens and actually a great pain in the buttox – the washing part was actually…super hilarious! But see for yourself!

washing1_2 shampoo chicken washing3_2 washing4_2 washing5_2 washing6_2 washing7_2

I hope you laughed tears. I sure did!

Have a great second half of the week loved ones! And don’t forget…Life is a journey!



2 Comments on What the chick!

  1. Richie
    February 5, 2014 at 5:30 pm (4 years ago)

    Madder than a wet hen!!

    • Selina
      February 5, 2014 at 10:08 pm (4 years ago)

      Hilarious right!?


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