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Meet the girls!

meet the girls

Most of you probably already know – at least since this post –  that Mike and I have added 5 fancy chickens – so called Silkies to the Brandauer clan! They have been part of the family for four months now and they bring joy and laughter to our days. I though it was time to introduce you formally!


Neo is our most energetic, fast forward and dominant chicken. She is undeniably the head of the flock. Plus, when our friends kids came over to meet the chickens they said she is like a ninja-chicken. Meaning she jumps over other chickens and things in her way, runs like the devil and is very very real and concentrated when it comes to scratching up dirt and pecking for grains! She was named after the main character in the movie The Matrix  – hiiiiijjjaaaaahhhh! Get the reference? 😉


She is our pretty girl – dumb and dizzy – but definitely the prettiest of all! She has the fluffiest crown of feathers (I think her name is quite self-explenatory!) and I think I have never really seen the color of her eyes (so to speak)! She loves grooming herself,  standing in front of the mirror (yes – our chickens have a mirror in their coop – cause that’s the kinda girl I am!), and having her picture taken!  She is number two in line after Neo, and took over pole position at the feeder when Neo was sick. She is however, as I already mentioned a bit dizzy, and if I pick her up and put her somewhere else, she stands around looking quite consternated for a while 😛 Just let me say it took her quite some time to figure out how to manoever the ramp to the coop!


These two sisters just need to be treated as an item – cause quite frankly, they hang together ALL the time! They are so called cookoo silkies, which refers to their speckled appearance. Hanni is one of our best egg laying hens (next to Neo), and likes to sing an egg laying song before she does so! She is quite frankly the most “motherly” chicken and has been known to keep sick chickens company, make grains accessible to Nanni, and was absolutely devastated when I took her first egg she ever layed away from her. She made me feel like the worst thief!

Nanni is the calmest of all, kinda the not much fuss -not much drama kinda chicken. She is calm and soothing, and likes to sit on a perch while sleeping, while the others prefere cuddling up on the floor. Both are the most “practical” of the hens and knew how to manoever the ramp from day 1! They are named after a German childrens book series revolving around the adventures of twin sisters – and Hanni and Nanni sure like to share their adventures!


Oprah was named …well – after Oprah! When we got her, she just could not stop talking and she still loves chating up a storm each time I come to visit them! She is the smallest of all, with a big personality (BIG!) but has had trouble developing properly, mainly due to health issues (more about this a different time). She truely cracks me up! She talks, gargles, and complains – about food, to say hello, or just to make sure you know she is there! She is definitely at the end of the pecking order because of her size – but be sure she will complain about it all the way!

I cannot believe how much the chickens have brought joy to my daily life – and the eggs are only a small part of the reason! They make me laught – their distinct characters, their funny little adventures and their hairdo’s! I must truely say – your metropolitan city girl is surely goin’ country y’all!

Have a great start to your week-end loved ones! And don’t forget – Life is a journey, you better enjoy the ride!





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