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Becoming a Kentuckian

SONY DSCIt is true! It is d-0…and I am flying to the States today! After 2 years of thinking about it, months of planing, and weeks of preparing, it is now turning into reality! And wow, does this feel weird.

I have been packing for the last 48hours and have not slept this night at all. I find it best to get onto the plane exhausted, that way I am sure to sleep through it. To be honest I hate flying! I love traveling, but not the actual flying part. I enjoy the getting-there more 😉

I will be heading to Chicago first, where I will meet up wih my cousin John. We will spend some time in the Windy City, before heading down to Louisville. I will try to keep you posted on the Chicago week-end. So stay tuned!

So here I go…Kentucky I am coming!!

Life is a journey…and this time Kentucky is its destination!

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